About Me

– Catholic spirituality (Saint Francis of Assisi, Jean Vanier, Bl. Solanus Casey, Pope Saint John Paul II,…)
– Game development (Hobby / Indie)
– Music (Jazz, Spanish Rock, Sacred Music, Sigur Rós)
– Movies (Calvary, Rushmore, What We Do in the Shadows)
– etc.

contact info:
– email: brojoe@friarbabs.com

I am Brother Joe Babcock. I live at a friary in Chicago. I am a friar-in-formation for the Capuchin Franciscan Province of St. Joseph (Midwest USA). For those that may be unfamiliar, here is a breakdown of what I just said:

Friar: a member of a non-cloistered religious order in the Catholic Church. So, basically, a monk that can move around freely…well, usually.

Bridgeman; (c) Cheltenham Art Gallery & Museum; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation

In-Formation: I am a ‘friar-in-formation’ because I am becoming a friar. The process of becoming a friar is gradual, and it eventually leads to a profession of “solemn” (life-long) vows.

Capuchin Franciscan: The ‘Capuchins‘ are one of the three major branches of the Franciscan Order, a group of ‘lesser brothers’ started by Saint Francis of Assisi. The Capuchins were a successful reform of the Franciscans which emphasized contemplative prayer and austerity. Capuchins are often found in their native habitat–among the poor–in friaries, soup kitchens, homeless shelters, parishes, and more.


Province of St. Joseph: The administrative province of Capuchin Franciscans which I belong to roughly encompasses Milwaukee, Chicago, Detroit, Montana, Saudi Arabia, and parts of Central America…and there are many Capuchins in our province scattered somewhere in between! Click here to see our province’s Facebook page.

Fr. Dave Schwab, supervises at St. Ben's Community Meal in Milwaukee.

Fr. Dave Schwab, Capuchin, supervises at St. Ben’s Community Meal in Milwaukee.