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Searching for Home

I have a deep longing within me to find my home.

Last night, I was graced with the opportunity to have a little ‘jam session’ with a couple of friends. We played Howard Shore’s famous ‘hobbit’ theme from The Fellowship of the Ring (see bottom of page).

It stirred up in me all of the emotions that I have associated with that movie throughout my youth. Namely, it made me recall with glowing nostalgia the sense of home that emits from the fantastical world of ‘The Shire’. As I reflect upon this experience, I am drawn into the basic reality of my life and the lives of so many of my friends: we are all looking for home.

We want to find a place where we can be loved and accepted just as we are.

I know that my own sense of ‘home’ is often disrupted by my own self-rejection. Whenever I fear that I am not well-received by others, I have the urge to reject myself. For me, the challenge of life has been to become comfortable with myself just as I am. In that struggle, I am participating in this perpetual human quest to find home.

So, I am grateful for all of the people in my life that have allowed me to feel ‘at home’. My wonderful grandma (I know that she will read this!), my loving parents and family, and countless friends & neighbors along the way who have made a home for me in their hearts. To all of you: thank you so much, you are my inspiration.